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November 2006

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A View from the GARDENhouse

October 8, 2000 at 3:20 in the afternoon my Mom and I decided we better open the GARDENhouse!  We had spent the last eight months renovating, designing, buying and creating and then it was time to open!  We were scared to death. What were we going to do when someone arrives? Like a customer!

Five years later we’ve learned volumes.  We’ve experienced every emotion, made many mistakes. Met so many wonderful people and just a few not so great! Shared a thousand stories and picked a million weeds. Traveled hundreds of miles to market and shopped until we literally dropped!

October 8, 2005 is a milestone for two old ladies with unbelievable ambition not much experience and even less money. We have worked hard and we are proud of what we have accomplished. We’d like to thank you for supporting our dream and we hope you have enjoyed our efforts. Please join us for this anniversary celebration! We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for being our customer and God bless our store!

Charlie Golden

What’s New?????????????????????????????

Seth Thomas Clockmaker - America’s oldest Clockmaker founded in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut almost 200 years ago.  Seth Thomas clocks have been gracing homes for centuries. Known as both the style and technological innovators of the clock industry. We have three of their garden style clocks available.

The Gardenridge - Waterproof clock and thermometer in verdigris-finish metal frame. Requires one AA battery. 18” x 18” x21 ½”

Central Park - Standing weather station clock for lawn, patio, or garden. Weather resistant movements featuring time, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. Runs on one AA battery. 85 ½” x 22 ¼” x 12 7/8”

Bouquet - Open-dial wooden wall clock with floral print. Requires one AA battery. 12” x 12” x 1 ¼”

Uttermost Lighting - One of the industry’s hottest selling lamp lines. Wonderful details…coordination finials, seeded glass, hand finished porcelain,  very unique shades! Many of the lamps were designed to compliment their wall décor line. Lamps, mirrors, accessories and clocks, pictures and original oil paintings. Very reasonable prices!

Island Naturals Collection
Lorelle Urn
- 8” x 5” x 21”
Lorelle Table Lamp - Bronze Textile - 100 Watt 3-Way - 8” x 16” x 28” - Rectangular Box Shade

Rich colors, warm materials and sophisticated styling return on furniture and accessories.

Retro ‘70’s looks pack a wallop… Groovy yet chic, this look repurposes the best of the ‘70’s into one slick, current package. Natural themes like exotic birds and overblown florals bloom with eye-popping allure, while garden motifs like trellis and lattice pattern are found in abundance. 

Roman Holiday - Busts, Ionic columns and laurel wreaths symbolize a Roman revival. Archaeological influences, especially in accessories such as statues and vases.

Return of red… With cooler weather quickly approaching, an autumn palette emerges with the return of red to the color scene.  Red shows up in rich tones from cinnamon to ruby and merlot. Paired with pumpkin, aubergine and gold, red makes a spicy statement for fall. Not limited to accenting soft goods and upholstery, red also makes an appearance in glass, wall art and tabletop items.

Metal Madness - Modern designs take a shine to metal with silver, platinum and pewter tones leading the charge.  Metal takes a larger role in accent furniture – instead of simply accenting, it becomes the primary material for chairs and tables. Classic looks take on a fresh face when metal is applied to lampshades, vases and sculptural designs.

Ever-bearing Favorites

Wind Chimes & Magnets - Beautifully designed 24K gold plated wind chimes and magnets, all adorned with Austrian crystals. The wind chimes are also available as a wishing well, umbrella, hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly! The magnets also have a suction cup so the pieces can be used on glass or any smooth surface! The magnet styles include; a lady bug, grasshopper, bumble bee and hummingbird!

Root Candles - The candle trend is “Burnin’ Up”!!!!!!!!! The Root candle line is one of the oldest candle  companies in the country. They also make claim to the best candle in America.  They handcraft all their candles and use premium waxes and soy wax blends, sensational fragrances and have a beautiful palette of colors.  We carry their votives, tealights, travel tins, aroma mosaic tiles, queen bee jars, tumblers and tapers. Now’s the time to stock up for the holidays!

Gardener’s Hand Cleaning Kit - Treat garden-weary hands with this premium hand cleaning kit.  Contains one bar of gardener’s soap, ceramic soap dish and nailbrush. Packaged in a decorative gift box.

What’s Growing On????????????????????

 “One says October; one says Nature lies down to sleep; the gardener knows better, and will tell you that October is as good a month as April. You ought to know that October is the first spring month, the month of underground germination and sprouting, of hidden growth, of swelling buds; scratch a little into the ground and you will find buds ready made, thick as your thumb, fragile shoots and struggling roots—

I can’t help you, Spring is here; go out, gardener, and plant (but be careful that you don’t cut with the spade a sprouting narcissus bulb). Well, then, among all the months, October is the month of planting and transplanting.”

 Thank you Karel Capek for those wise words!!

Thank You  Thank You for taking our survey. (Awhile ago but none-the-less THANK YOU!!!!) Here are some of the survey results!
Would receiving our newsletter more often or a sale provide more incentive to shop at the GARDENhouse?
An overwhelming……YES!!

Should the GARDENhouse accept credit/debit cards?
An overwhelming and surprising…..NO!!

Do you think our prices are reasonable?
Almost unanimous…..YES!!!!

Would you shop at the GARDENhouse more often if we offered a frequent buyer discount card?
A thumbs up….Yes!

We have taken these responses to heart and will be leaving most things alone and making some changes or additions where requested!! Look for more results in our next newsletter!

Sow What?????????????????????????????

We have gift certificates available!!!!!!!!!! And a beautiful complimentary greeting card comes with each certificate.

Looking for a certain kind of plant? Haven’t got a clue what kind of plants would do well in your home, apartment or office? Need help decorating with plants? Give us a call about “Plant Plan”. Buy five plants at $6.50 each and get the next plant FREE!!!!

How much do you spend on magazines?????????? The GARDENHouse has copies of several current garden and design magazines in the store, available to look thru or check out at no charge!!! We also have approximately 300 books on assorted themes such as; Landscaping, decorating, trees, planting, soil, pest problem solving, and many different types of plant types explaining how, where and when to plant. Check them out!!!!!

Saturdays are sample days for our gourmet foods. Come in and check out some tasty dips. Try a sample of our teas, cappuccinos or cocoas! (If you want to get in good with my Mom have a cup of coffee!)

Anniversary Celebration
October 8th, 2005  The GARDENhouse Turned Five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On November 10th we will start our four day Anniversary Celebration!!
Thursday (November 10th) thru Saturday (November 12th) - 11am to 6pm
(Please note our new Fall hours!!!!!!!!!!)

And For the Anniversary Sale only
We will be open Sunday (November 13th) 1pm to 5pm

We’d like to Thank You for your support over the last five years so please come and help us celebrate!!!
We will have treats!!!!!!   Always!

We’ve got a bunch of gifts to give away….